Give Birth to More Children, I foresee 10 Million Population in Iwoland – Oluwo


By Rasaq Sodiq Adebayo (RSA)

Give birth to more children. I foresee Iwo city having population of 10 million in the next 10 years. – The Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba AbdulRosheed Akanbi.

“Marry as many as you can! Give birth to as many….”, the oluwo of iwoland has implored the populace of iwo durning the first of its kind in history, the presentation of themes in selected Yoruba waka.

The Kabiesi after recognising people in attendance said, and urged the big fish of the city, councils of Alfa and the likes to use their influence to propagate the importance of having voters card. He urged the gathering to register in time to accord the city more power than ever.

Oluwo of Iwoland

He went further in his speech to disclosing that the populace should give birth to as many as they can. “There is power in population. Only God takes care of children”, in his quest to prove his sayings further, he emphasized that, “Family planing is human planing. God’s planing is the best”.

He geared it up that the richest people in Nigeria, and perhaps in Africa are from Kano state, the most popolulated city in Nigeria. “Aliko Dangote, Dantata, others are from the Kano, and they are the richest in Nigeria. Their population contributed to their powers and has advanced them in all aspect of lives”, he said.

“I foresee Iwo city having population of about 10 million in the next 10 to 20 years.”, said, the Kabiesi.

“The people of Iwo can produce President in the nearest time, if we yield in to produce more offsprings than ever.”, emphasized, Oba AbdulRosheed.

The gathering had many great personalities of the city in attendance. Higher political, Islamical, educational, and royal figures that were in presence were Dr. Bilal Sirajudeen Al-Asrau (a renowned scholar on Islamic science and jurisprudence) as the chairman of the event, Sheikh. Abd. Rasheed Idrees Fazaazi (chairman, Isokan Musulumi of Iwo land) as the chief host, Alh. Moshood Olalekan Adeoti (former SSG, Osun state) as special guest of honor, and His Imperial Majesty Oba AbdulRosheed (Oluwo of Iwoland and chairman Iwo traditional council) as the royal guest added to the color of the event.

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Sheikh Bilal

“Today’s presentation is just to commemorate the Flagging off but, the lunching time of the book will soon be made known.”, disclosed Imam Aroon Bilal.

Themes in selected Yoruba waka, a presentation ceremony which took place on the 19 of July, 2020 at the premises of the wings school, along Ibadan/osogbo expressway by 12 O’Clock, is a collection of waka the Yoruba forefathers, antecedent, ancestors were known for durning their time. These waka are valuable heritage that must not go into extinct because of lack of preservation over the years.

To prevent the further loss of these notable, inspiring waka, Usthadh Imam Aroon Bilal Olurode, a notable Iwo born figure with versed knowledge of waka, also an Islamic scholar was prompted to do more research for the purpose of gathering, collection and preservation of these waka so that it’d be made available for the current, and incoming generation. It was known that no one has ever done the collection in the Yoruba history.

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