Free CV Review For Final Year Students and Corps Members From Iwoland

Free CV Review For Final Year Students and Corps Members From Iwoland

A CV, which stands for curriculum vitae, is a document used when applying for jobs. It allows you to summarise your education, skills and experience enabling you to successfully sell your abilities to potential employers.

It is your chance to make an impression in front of a potential employer. Even if you have all the credentials in the world, a poorly written CV will not change anything and won’t land you the job. However, a well-constructed CV could ultimately land you that dream job.

Hunting for a new job is extremely stressful especially in this country, and that stress really affects job applicants. The fact still remains that there are jobs out there. Unfortunately, a bad CV can end your job search before the job processes even start.

Free CV Review For Final Year Students and Corps Members From Iwoland

Maybe you have been sending your CV to recruiters, firms or companies but no response. Here are the top some reasons why recruiters pushed a CV aside and. Let’s highlight some of the reasons your submission does not get a call or message for an interview.

1- Your CV has typos and errors: A CV filled with typo and errors indicates who you are as a person.

2- Your CV is boring: If a recruiter doesn’t use an ATS to review CVs but does it manually, the least they want is to be bored by a CV.

3- The length of the CV: As much as you want to fit all your education, experience, skills and achievements on your CV, make it short.

4- CV has a picture on it: As this isn’t a visa application if they need to see what you look like they would call you for an interview.

5- Funny/Inappropriate Emails: Emails such as bigboyxxxx@…com, Whenever a recruiter sees funny emails, they push CV aside.

Free CV Review

NOTE: The mistake on a CV can seem little but the effect on your job search can be profound. Work towards having a CV that showcases your unique experience and can land you a job.

Now, let’s go into the main discussion, this is an opportunity to rewrite your CV. We would help to review and refine it to meet the recruiters’ expectations.

This opportunity is ONLY open for final year students of different tertiary institutions and corps members (Prospective Corp Members or Serving Corps members) from Ayedire, Ola-Oluwa and Iwo Local Government.

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As a final year student, you should have a CV ready. Yes, I mean you should be ready as you are set to leave the school door to the market. You can even use the period before going for NYSC to apply for internships.

As a corps member, you have the baton at hand already, but before you run, are you ready? Don’t wait until you finish that 1-year compulsory service before you start thinking of how to write a CV. Get it right now. The best time to start applying for jobs is when you are serving.

To make it short, we would welcome applications for CV reviews and how the processes will go.

Who Are Eligible To Apply For a FREE CV Review?

Only sons and daughters of AYIWOLA (Ayedire, Ola-Oluwa and Iwo) who are either final year students of a tertiary institution or Corps Members are eligible to apply for the Free CV Review.

How To Apply For a CV Review?

  • Mail to
  • The subject of the mail should be CV REVIEW.
  • Your name, Categories (Final Year Student or Corps Member) and Your Local Government.
  • Attach your CV and send to us (Microsoft Word).

When Are You Expected To Receive Your Reviewed CV?

The CV will be reviewed on the basis of first in first out (FIFO). Therefore, it won’t take long to get your reviewed and refined CV.

You Think You Don’t Have any CV Right Now

Well, don’t deny yourself this opportunity. Do yourself a favour, just draft a CV anyhow and send to us. We shall work on it for you.


In conclusion, you may have questions to ask, the Iwoland Hub mail is always available to receive them and provide you answers. You can as well the Temporary Whatsapp Group created for CV Review as other important things will be discussed there.


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