FILSU UNILORIN IWO DAY: Presidential Speech By Comrade Abdul-Ganiy Ahmad


Presidential Address

Being the address delivered by the Comrade Abdul-Ganiy Ahmad (Mr. Surprise), President FILSU UNILORIN 2018/2019 session on this occasion of the celebration of the Iwo Day, on the 3rd of July, 2019.

All praises and adorations belong to God, the Almighty, who has spared our lives to be able to witness this day as we celebrate our dear homeland. He has made the dream of organizing this year’s Iwo Day come through after so many efforts and sleepless nights which bedeviled the course ensuring the smooth realization of this program. We thank Him for making this day a success and for sparing our lives as we celebrate the Iwo which we hold dear to our hearts.

FILSU UNILORIN DAY: Presidential Speech By Comrade Abdul-Ganiy Ahmad

FILSU UNILORIN is a nascent branch of the FILSU National Chapter which serves as the umbrella and family for Iwo indigenes to meet and interact, promoting the tender ethics and love which binds us all as citizens of Iwo. Over the years, the Union has served great purposes by uniting Iwo citizens on campus in the course of fostering harmonious and peaceful relationship amongst Iwo indigenes. All thanks to the past administrations who ensured that the visionary objectives which bind and bonds FILSU together as a strong chapter on campus does not lay in waste.

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The union has been able to actualize some of its objectives through the mouth-watering projects and initiatives which has united Iwo indigenes on campus irrespective of their courses of study or the Faculty which they belonged. The re-energizing of the FILSU UNILORIN WhatsApp platform has gone a long way in creating a nexus between Iwo indigene-students and coexistent relationship. Also, the innovation of “FILSU Face of the Week” in which random individuals of the chapter would be celebrated and interacted with by the Press Committee ably chaired by Comr. Abd. Waheed Ibrahim (Element) with massive inputs of Comr. Rasaq Sodiq Adebayo (RSA) has created a conducive and friendly environment where Iwo students in Ilorin could adequately mingle and know themselves, creating a communal bond amongst the students.

The entire executive members of the Union are appreciated in their efforts of uplifting FILSU unto greater heights. Their efforts have proved that the mantra “The Best is Achievable” which the administration holds dear shall remain unforgotten. Their contributions towards the smooth running and organization of this event shall not go unappreciated. May Allah continue to reward you bountifully and abundantly as you pursue the paths of success in your endeavors.

FILSU UNILORIN DAY: Presidential Speech By Comrade Abdul-Ganiy Ahmad

Also, the constitution committee chaired by comrade Abdul Akeem Ayokunu (efficient) has served as one of the greatest achievements of this administration. The welfare committee ably led by Comr. Sulaeman must be commended indeed; they did a wonderful job.

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Also, It’d be in history that the best is achievable administration were able to produce successfully three powerful posts at the national including the likes of Comr. Isamot Hassanat as the VP, Comr. De- Omoluabi as the DSP, Comr. Rasaq Sodiq Adebayo as the PRO and many more honorables. The achievements of the best are achievable administration does not limit to National alone but, also extend to the body like NAOSS both national and Unilorin chapter in which we were able to have the best indigenous association, president award in the just concluded Youth summits. The administration was able to produce the electoral chairman, PRO, and members in the just concluded electoral committee, NAOSS, Unilorin. Many achievements were able to be accomplished. But, overall, it was all with the effort of Allah, and inputs of all committed executives, and members of the union. As a result, I dedicate these achievements so far to the Almighty Allah, and all committed members of this noble union.

The solid support received from the No. 1 citizen of Iwo, Oba Abdur-Rasheed Adewale Akanbi (Telu I) would never be erased in our memories. The fatherly pieces and advice and support which the Union has always gained from him has proved to be tremendous in the course of actualizing our programmes and activities which we achieved during our administration. The encouragements and support also received from the FILSU alumni would forever be noted in our pursuit in making the best achievable. The contributions of notable and distinguished Iwo Indigenes are also properly and duly appreciated. May God guide and be with you in all your endeavours.

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Fellow final year Iwo students, the lofty traits of Omoluabi which being an Iwo indigene confers on you should not be discarded whenever you pursue your lofty endeavors. You are ambassadors of the Iwo town and all activities that could soil your personality should be neglected. An injury to one is an injury to all. Soiling your charisma is soiling the Iwo name which you bear. May the Almighty guard you to the doors of success in your future endeavors.

FILSU UNILORIN DAY: Presidential Speech By Comrade Abdul-Ganiy Ahmad

Dear Fiulsuites, I appeal to you to always bear our dear Union to heart. Always strive for the progress of the Union in the course of exhibiting the Iwo spirit. Cherish the legacies which the founding fathers of our great town held ear. You bear the image of FILSU and the Iwo town in every place which you step. Protect this image, dear Filsuite. May the Almighty continue to crown your efforts with success.

I welcome you all to this wonderful occasion. Fasten your belts and enjoy the programme.

Thank You.

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