FILSU 2020: Admin vs Iromini

FILSU 2020: Who The Cap Fit?

FILSU 2020: Meet Hammed Ridwan Akinkunmi, Akinkunmi Ismail Iromini: Their Contributions to the union so far and the Agenda for 2020 if they emerge as the president.

FILSU 2020: Admin vs Iromini

The tenure of Abdulafees Abdullah Adebayo popularly called AS-SULTON as the FILSU President 2019 at the National Headquarters is reaching its saturation point. Every December of the year, new waves swing around who will be the next union leader of the Federation of Iwoland Students’ Union?

The successor of Balogun jorjor, Abdullah Adebayo As-Sulton has written hid name down in the history of the union. The question now is, who the cap fit to paddle the canoe of the union to the next glorious milestone.

In this post, we shall examine two experienced aspirants who have participated and contributed immensely towards the success of the union so far. Both aspirants have served in different positions at the National Headquarters. Now, they found this is the right time to come forward as the president to lead FILSU National Headquarters to the next level.

The two presidential aspirants are;


Hammed Ridwan ADMIN


Akinkunmi Iromini

Both aspirants have publicly declared their intentions to run for the presidential seat of the union.

Hammed Ridwan Akinkunmi popularly known as ‘ADMIN‘ tagged his presidential ambition Vision’20 – Towards Achieving FILSU for You and I.¬†While Akinkunmi Ismail Iromini popularly known as SENATOR IROMINI tagged his presidential ambition as HOPE 2020.

Who do these two presidential aspirants have for the union and what have they contributed in the past?

About Hammed Ridwan Akinkunmi ADMIN

The name ADMIN has become a trademark in the FILSU of today and a marketable tag owing to the fact of humility, servitude, and transparency expressed by the bearer, HAMMED RIDWAN AKINKUNMI. He is a marketing student at Ladoke Akintola University (LAUTECH).

Hammed Ridwan ADMIN FILSU 2020


– Hammed Ridwan Akinkunmi ADMIN

  • Served as a FILSU press Committee to brand the union public image, established good information link and created a digital presence. Till this morning, no press committee has achieved more that of 2017 where he served.
  • Public declaration of the full report of every treasure handed over to his regime, invariably surrendering himself to accountability and demonstrating his sense of transparency.
  • He managed the finance of the union tactically by constituting a fundraising committee that strategically mapped out financial modules towards a balance of funds in a zero revenue organization.
  • Hammed Ridwan ADMIN has also served in other functions as Lautech SUG Sport Committee, Chairman FILSU week ’18 and FILSU Lautech Social Director.
  • He has also served as the NAOSS Lautech PRO.


Hammed Ridwan ADMIN has a VISION that all-encompassing towards achieving the FILSU for everybody. This entails, giving onto you;

  • A union for You and I
  • A union where the true values of democracy are reflected.
  • A union where tenets and core values of unionism are Upheld.
  • A union against CABALOCRACY.
  • A union whose resolutions will be a reflection of our common interest.
  • A union where masturbation of the constitutional process will not be tolerated.
  • A union of students, ruled by students and for students.

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About Akinkunmi Ismail Iromini

Akinkunmi Ismail Iromini has gone far and wide when it comes to student struggle. Especially when he was a student of Osun state college of education. He has shown his sagacity and capability to serve both at home (FILSU) and on the campus without any fiasco.

Akinkunmi Ismail Iromini FILSU 2020


  • The 2017 Financial Secretary of FILSU national headquarters led by Com. Lakasera.
  • Contributed largely to achieve loads of visible achievement mainly the FILSU Secretariat and lots of others.
  • 2 terms FILSU ILA chapter PRO that makes the chapter witnessed the best and fast information dissemination.
  • The 2017 NAOSS Ila Chapter electoral Chairman that produced SAS Marcarony.
  • The Senator Representing the good and vibrant people of Agric department at SUG level, 2017 regime.
  • The chairman of the House on Students welfarism that recorded the best welfarism of the students on campus.
  • To mention but few, he has involved in a lot of struggle at the state level both at NAOSS and NANS.


Akinkunmi Ismail Iromini’s agenda if emerges as the president are basically on these two points.

1. A good image for the Union.
2. Optimum welfarism.

1. Good Image for the Union

– ACCOUNTABILITY (Public declaration of all fund generated.)

– TRANSPARENCY (Time to time update on Union activities to Filsuite.)

2. Optimum Welfarism for all

Optimum welfarism will be brought to the door step of all filsuite in the sense that the basic rudiment of establishing unionism is to cater for the members welfarism.


The FILSU 2020 Presidential aspirants have loads of experience that can bring a fortune to the Federation of Iwoland Students’ Union at the national level. We hope the best emerges and manifest the plans as being said for the FILSUites.

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