Episode 06: My Encounter With an Iwo Girl and My Experience

Back in Ilesha, it was a total disaster, my mom has never seen me so devastated since she’s been raising me and she is now worried and more worried because I was just sitting and not saying anything but my cousins and niece that followed me had explained everything. My dad on the other hand was at his house bar cubicle in the living sipping some scotch, a sign that he was very angry and whatever decision he made after that quiet session of angry thoughts, no one would change it. He would be there until he’s calm and relaxed and then he would speak on what he thought.

I drifted into my room, kept calling Mariam she would take the call but won’t say a word, I called her mother she told me Mariam had locked herself behind in her room and would not talk to anyone. I kept calling until it was past eleven and she had repeated the same thing; she took the call but wouldn’t say a word. I slept off after it was thirty minutes past eleven in the night.

It was six o’clock in the morning, I woke up to Mariam’s text message, it read, “I am sorry,” and it’d come in at around 2:15 AM of the day. I swiftly picked up my phone and dialed her number, it rang but no one answered, I repeatedly called but no one answered still then I decided to call her mother and she too didn’t answer the call. I felt like the whole world would collapse on me, I rushed into the bathroom and threw up for four good times.

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I went back into my room and this time I’ve had a zillion thoughts and one and all were very bad thoughts, I started to run temperature, I couldn’t hold my phone properly, I’ve called both numbers for more than two hundred times and no one answered and I was giving up already, it got worse with me, I used the toilet three times in twenty minutes, I couldn’t feel my body anymore and my temperature was enough to burn a cube of ice.

My mom came to me, I took the drug she brought, ate a little because she assured me that nothing had happened to Mariam because I thought something had happened to her. She restored my hope and asked me to have faith, I told her how she was when we left Iwo and I felt something was wrong. She reassured me that she’s hopeful Mariam would be fine and I should be calm, “That girl is carrying my grandchild,” she said and patted me on the back, and like I had a sedative; I slept off.

Episode 06: My Encounter With an Iwo Girl and My Experience

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I called throughout the second day after I arrived from Iwo and now all the phones I can reach are dead. It made me worry even more so I called BamKo to help me check on Mariam, he felt reluctant at first but he succumbs and promised he would go there in the evening.

It was about 5:53 PM in the evening when I received BamKo’s call, “I am sorry dude, there is a big problem here,” he said and paused, “Please, what’s the problem?” I asked and he aborted the call. I was confused and was staring at my phone and just about five minutes later I heard this cry from my mom’s room, “Mogbe ó!” and I rushed to her room, she was on call, her tears rolled down her cheeks and she was staring at me in pity and I was able to grab the message.

I did not need any more explanation and I knew I have been punctured in my heart and soul so I ran back out as I’d ran into her room. I didn’t want to believe what I’d thought must have happened, I took a glass of water and drank almost seven cups more straight nonstop – my heartbeat throbbed so badly I needed to sit and relax so I don’t collapse.

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Episode 06: My Encounter With an Iwo Girl and My Experience

After few minutes, my mom didn’t come out, I could hear her silent sobbing, I still don’t know what to believe of all my thoughts and didn’t have the gut to ask mom what had happened so I picked up my phone and dialed BamKo’s, it rand but wasn’t answered and at that point – it was confusingly clear I’d lost something I would never recover from.

I dialed Mariam’s number, it rang and somebody picked the call, I was hearing loud cries from the behind but then I was clearly hearing Mariam’s mother’s voice saying, “Ẹ bá ń sọ fún óò, ẹ bá ń sọ fún, wọn tí dá mi lóró óò, Mori tí kú óò,” I summoned the courage I have left with my last energy and then I said with hope into the phone, “Hello Mariam,” and the voice from the other side of the phone, a younger female’s voice, said, “Áńtí Mariam tí kú óò,” and dropped the call and switched it off immediately.

To Be Continued.

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