Episode 04: My Encounter With an Iwo Girl and My Experience

Ten days after Mariam still refused to go back home but on the seventh day after her arrival, Sekina, the lady with whom she was scouting had travelled home for an emergency and would be spending at least a week and in the night of that day something happened. Mariam called me into the room (Sekina’s room), it was some fifteen minutes beyond ten in the night. She said, she felt lonely and wanted my company and I was there just to keep her company.

We talked and talked, laughter upon laughter and it went past eleven. I was about leaving when she asked that I pass the night with her instead. Shocked and dumbfounded, I couldn’t say no and laid down in an attempt to sleep. I knew it was dangerous for me and her because for about two days before then, I have been having this bad erection and I knew for sure that I needed to have sex but I wanted to abstain, I knew I was hungry for Mariam.

Just twenty minutes into my pretence of sleeping, I touched Mariam was also awake and she didn’t protest, a little relieve rushed through me. I turned to her and she smiled and I felt totally at home. I attempted to kiss and she was all their to receive it and we went deep into it and from that point. We were graduating from one sexual point to another until we were both naked in the middle of a night that wasn’t our wedding night as we had promised each other.

I pumped in, she screamed so loud I thought we had woken all the hostel mates and twenty-five minutes later we are both faded away and the night drifted off leaving us naked tangled in each other and stains of blood all over the bed-sheet.

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Back to the story of the tenth day, Mariam was not ready to go home but she knew she had to leave. I felt she should stay too but I was running out of funds to sustain us both. Since after the seventh-day sexual encounter, we have had more sex. With each, she seemed to have lesser pain. Mariam was a virgin and she lost it the night of the seventh day with me. I felt she indeed intentionally meant to do it with me. She’s kept herself for twenty years, not that she was never tempted but she was all strong.

Also, she had passed few nights in male’s room when her crazy father started misbehaving but she never let anyone take advantage of her, She had stood against letting anyone touch her but maybe because she thought she had enough of the craziness of her father or maybe she was confused about everything or maybe she just wanted to do it to make herself feel better. I didn’t know but what I knew was that there was pure love and we were sincere about everything we shared.

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Episode 04: My Encounter With an Iwo Girl and My Experience

She agreed to leave on the twelfth day and it came like a rapid erosion to me. She left on the twelfth day; it was through a mixture of emotions that I’d seen her leave and it was obvious to the both of us that our relationship had grown past just what we thought it was. I knew that once I am a graduate, my family is coming to Iwo and she knew she was all mine. It was this clear understanding that you have that you don’t see no dilemma, fear or any reason to not see it happen.

Four months after she’d come around. Her father had run mad after she returned home and it took almost the entire town of Iwo to plead with the old man before he let her into his house. Mariam was back to her normal routine, she would go to Arabic school and from there she would go to where she was an apprentice of fashion designing, While at home, she would do the dishes, make food for the family and withdraw into her room where she would at least read a page of any of her chemistry, physics, biology notebooks and revised her Qur’an as well.

On a faithful afternoon of a Saturday, Mariam called me, she complained she had missed her period the last month and she had begun to show signs of pregnancy. She had started to become very sluggish, sleeping a lot and adding weight. I felt like somebody hit me with a sledge-hammer, the world was spinning the opposite way and I felt like I was about to throw up. This was not because I’ve never had someone tell me she was pregnant, it was because I knew for sure this time, I am becoming a father soon and I was about to start facing a crazy Imam in the heart of Iwo town.

To Be Continued.

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