DeOmoluabi Digitals: Building Brands, Shooting Start Ups into Prominence

With the advancement in modern technology and the contemporary ways of building brands and running businesses, the roles and powers of Social Media cannot be underestimated and overemphasized.

With about 4.48 billion people currently using social media worldwide, it is no gainsaying that every business must for one reason or the other leverage the presence of social media to thrive.

Small, Medium and Large Enterprises make use of social media for reasons such as expansion, gaining visibility, communicating and interacting directly with customers, reaching more audiences, having access to grants, loans, training, mentorship opportunities, etc.

For some years now, there has been a high demand by corporate firms and SMEs for the services of Digital Marketers to help put their organizations in the perfect place on the net. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has however increased such quests.

DeOmoluabi Digitals: Building Brands, Shooting Start Ups into Prominence

Businesses, entrepreneurs and others have been in search of experts that will manage and grow their media pages and presence while they focus on other important issues. It is in lieu of these growing demands, especially in a fast-developing environment like Iwoland and the State of Osun that this idea was conceived and eventually being given birth to.

About DeOmoluabi Digitals

DeOmoluabi Digitals is a Digital Marketing Agency passionate about helping and assisting business owners or entrepreneurs establish a formidable media presence and grow their brand through social media management and strategic online marketing.

DeOmoluabi Digitals Objectives

1) To help business owners or entrepreneurs creatively manage their media pages.
2) To enhance businesses’ media visibility, growth and reach more target audiences and increase engagements.
3) To help build brands from scratch and assist small businesses to establish themselves on social media platforms
4) To help startups and medium scale businesses make more sales online
5) To bridge the digital and social media deficiency gap and mismatch in goals and actions between entrepreneurs and the digital world.

It’s our vision that by the year 2025, about 5,000 start-ups in the state will have fully leverage on the presence of social media to optimize, build, grow and drive sales, audience engagement and followership for their brands.

DeOmoluabi Digitals Services

1. Branding
2. Social Media Management
3. Copywriting
4. Google Business Listing
5. Digital Consultancy

Extended to Social Media Coaching, Sponsored Ads, Content Writing, Hashtag Strategy, DM Marketing, Public Relations etc.

DeOmoluabi Digitals: Building Brands, Shooting Start Ups into Prominence


Building Brands, Bridging Gaps.


Shooting Brands Into Prominence!

About the Institutor

Akande Qosim

Akande Qosim Olawuyi, popularly known as “DeOmoluabi” is a Digital Marketer and a seasoned Social Media Specialist. He is a brand and personality manager and has managed about 45 brands worldwide.

Born in Iwo, State of Osun, DeOmoluabi is a student of Human Resource Management, a Copywriter, Media and Public Relations Strategist, a Customer Success Assistant, a Tutor and a Natural Listener.

He’s an Astute Humanitarian, Serial Volunteer and a Community Developer.

For more information and inquiry, you can reach us on;

Telephone: +2347067008439
FB, IG: DeOmoluabi_Digitals
Twitter: DO_Digitals

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