CYNBI Advises Govt on the Teaching of History, Reveals Plan to Engage Students

CYNBI Advises Govt on the Teaching of History, Reveals Plan to Engage Students

The Charitable Youth for Nation Building Initiative (CYNBI) has noted with considerable worry the negative impact of the lack of knowledge of history in our country.

In the words of Cicero, “Not to know what happened before you were born is to forever remain a child.” Thus, every individual requires adequate knowledge of past events to be able to function optimally in their immediate and distant environments.

CYNBI Advises Govt on the Teaching of History, Reveals Plan to Engage Students

Forward-looking countries have long understood the role of history in engendering peace, patriotism and development.

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An American child is not denied knowledge of their country’s history as long as their age can carry them. A Briton does the same as well as a Chinese. The progress of these classical societies can only be better told from the lens of their history.

Realising the role of this important knowledge, CYNBI is setting up a platform where interested secondary school students can learn history, thereby fulfilling a part of its objectives of nation-building.

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Speaking on this plan, Kabiru Adeniyi Adisa, FCA, President of the non-profit organization, said;

“We are deeply concerned that the government has abandoned the teaching of history to its citizens in their impressionable years and the effects of these are not far-fetched. We passionately urge the Nigerian government to teach history at basic levels of education in the overall interest of our society.

“If we do not want to be blamed for doing nothing at our own level, CYNBI must devise means to educate people, in a catch-them-young style, within its limited capacity.

Kabiru Adeniyi Adisa: “In this regard, we intend to create a knowledge-transfer platform to bring resource persons together to teach our secondary school students knowledge of Nigerian history.

“This is something that is very dear to us as an advocacy group existing purposely to contribute to the development of a more prosperous, united Nigeria.

“We will communicate details of this plan to the general public as our effort reaches an advanced stage.”

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