Crowe International School; Unveiling The New Face of the 5-Star Centre for Creative and Innovative Ideas, Excellent in Learning and Character


Crowe International Schools, Iwo, State of Osun is a Government Approved Elementary, Middle and High School Committed to Building and Grooming Future Leaders, Facilitating Creative and Innovative Ideas, Promoting Religious and Ethnic Tolerance and Setting the Pace for others to model.

It is not just an Institution excellent in Learning but also in Character.

Crowe International School, Iwo is an Academic Institution with defined Goals and Objectives. We are a Value-Oriented Institution with clear Vision and Mission Statements. We promote Academic Excellence, Moral Values and Critical and Creative Thinking.


Crowe school shall be an internationally recognized citadel of learning, that’s committed to raising excellent and morally sound problem-solving scholars.


To raise scholars with a high level of excellence, through the dissemination of relevant and contemporary knowledge that will enhance their capacity to make the world a better place.

Crowe International School; Unveiling The New Face of the 5-Star Centre for Creative and Innovative Ideas, Excellent in Learning and Character


Crowe International School; Unveiling The New Face of the 5-Star Centre for Creative and Innovative Ideas, Excellent in Learning and Character

The name ‘CROWE‘ was derived from the name of a company registered as Crown Worldwide Events Limited, of which Crowe Group of Schools is a subsidiary.

The vision of the school came in the year 2000. Located at KM 3, Ejigbo Road, Iwara, Iwo Local Government of the State of Osun, Nigeria, the laying of foundation and construction of the school began in 2002 and academic operation commenced on the 26th of September, 2009. Before this time (precisely in 2008), another portion of land was acquired in addition to the one that housed the school which was about 4.5 hectares of land, 500 meters away from the school site. This land housed an international football academy and the boarding students.

Located in a beautiful and serene environment, conducive for teaching and learning in all ramifications. Amenities and infrastructural facilities were of international standard.

However, the vision of the school was abrupted and brought to a halt due to the painful demise of the principal founders in 2015 and 2016 respectively, which brought the school to a deteriorating state. After many years of poor management and reckless administration, the board of directors thought it was good to change the school’s management in 2020. This decision pedalled in a new season for the school.


Adetayo A. Alli

The New Management under the leadership of Mr Adetayo A. Alli, an Educational Consultant and an Academic Echelon, has brought about a new look, restructuring and an unprecedented awakening to the school.

The new management, among many other things done to return the lost glories of the school, is the rebranding of the school logo, a touch of change on the school uniform to give it new look, creation of a continuous and relevant vision and mission statement for the school, renovation and revitalization of the school laboratories and ICT room, and hiring of highly effective and qualified teachers. His antecedent in leadership positions is an indication of the goods that are to come in lieu of the development of the school.

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Adetayo A. Alli

Mr. Adetayo A. Alli has a Degree in Biochemistry from the Osun State University. He is a Specialist in Drug Metabolism and Toxicology. He was specially trained as a Teacher from the Osun State University, University of Ibadan and the National Open University of Nigeria respectively.

Also, he is currently the Principal of Victorious Asef Schools, Iwo, Nigeria, the Founder of Alpha Standard Educational Institute, Iwo, Nigeria, a Lecturer at Royal College of Public Health Technology, Nigeria.

He is currently a Consultant to S. B. Lawal Memorial International Group of Schools, Republic of Cote D’Ivoire and the current Director of Crowe International Schools, Nigeria.

His professional interests focus on raising excellent problem solvers, and internationally competitive scholars as well as solving problems associated with Environmental and Drugs toxicity and alternative Medicine. His current projects include “Effects of Tetracarpidium conophorum seed extract (TECOSE) on Glukinase activity and tissue glucose uptake.

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