Kingmakers Withdraw Dethronement Letter Against Oluwo, Back to the Palace to Apologise

Chiefs Withdraw Dethronement Letter Against Oluwo, Back to the Palace to Apologise

A few months back, there have been series of unfounded allegations leveled against Oluwo. It could be recalled that in September 2020, some chiefs and kingmakers wrote a petition letter to Osun State government to dethrone Oba Adewale as the Oluwo of Iwoland. Without a doubt, it was a tense moment in the ancient city throughout that month.

The situation was 12 out 48 kingmakers to dethrone Oluwo. The tension in Iwoland got another dimension as September 25th, 2020 is a day that will remain historical and memorable as indigenes of Iwoland troop out to show love and support for Oba Adewale Akanbi Ilufemiloye.

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The solidarity visit had a massive turnout of a number of people, chiefs, religious leaders, ruling houses in Iwo, Imams, CAN, artisans, Iyaloja and other stakeholders. Among the chiefs present were; Olodifi, Aipate Oluwo, Masalu, Akogun, Asipa, Agoro and others.

Today, Sunday 14th of February 2021, those chiefs and kingmakers came back to the palace after a written apology letter have been accepted and have withdrawn the petition. It was a historical event because nobody would ever think such a gathering could happen as soon as this.

The gatherings which took place at the palace of Oluwo had many chiefs, elders, prominent sons and daughters of the land in attendance among them were Baba Oosa, Iya Oba, Sheikh Yahooq Baaqi Muhamad, High Chiefs in Iwoland, Alh Liad Tella, Alhaji Rabiu Gafar, Prof Lai Olurode, former Chairmen Iwo local governments and many others.

Kingmakers Withdraw Dethronement Letter Against Oluwo, Back to the Palace to Apologise

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The Ameer of Jaamatul Taawun, Sheikh Imran Daood Molasan gave the sermon at the gathering.

Alhaji Liad Tella urges the chiefs and kingmakers to right their wrongs. He also appealed with Oluwo to forgive the erring chiefs and prayed that may peace and unity continue to reign in Iwo.

The Wazeer of Yoruba land, Sheikh Yahqub Baaqi said: “The Iwo of yesterday is different from Iwo of today. Oluwo loves Iwo and wants her development. May Almighty Allah continue to be with you. The people of Iwo are talking good about you. Let’s believe God wishes the incident to happen, it has happened and it is now the past. I want to appeal to all to forget the past and foster the development of the land.”

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Kingmakers Withdraw Dethronement Letter Against Oluwo, Back to the Palace to Apologise

Other prominent leaders, chiefs, scholars and clerics advised the erring chiefs and thank God for the peace and unity is reigning. They all praised Oluwo for his patience and kind gestures to forgive the chiefs and kingmakers.

In his statements, Oba Adewale Akanbi thanks all prominent people at the gatherings. He appreciated the IBOT and prayed the organization to keep going higher. The monarch said the only thing he will say just to thank God for the grace of being alive today.

He urged all to welcome peace. Oluwo prayed for the chiefs and blessed them as he welcomes the chiefs back to the palace.

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