Chairmanship Tussle In Ayedire Turns Physical, A Case That Needs Urgent Intervention

Chairmanship Tussle In Ayedire Turns Physical, A Case That Needs Urgent Intervention

The activities of some unscrupulous elements in Oluponna to weaken our party, APC’s popularity and stronghold of Oluponna and by extension, Ayedire LG must be resisted by all men and women of good conscience in our party.

Firstly, a lot have been said and complained about in the past and such complaint is still a persistent one, about the inglorious move being made by some members of the party to have an Iwo born indigene installed as the Chairman of Ayedire South LCDA, by claiming Oke-Osun.

For the umpteenth time, it’s important to set the record straight that Oke-Osun in Oluponna belongs completely to Ayedire geographically and this is recognised by both the Nigeria Boundary Commission (NBC) and Nigeria Population Census (NPC). The electoral ward in Oke-Osun is also a ward recognised under Oluponna in Ayedire by INEC and indeed all parties and bodies concerned with electoral issues. Like it has been said before, Iwo people are mere residence of Oke-Osun, who relocated for farming activities and greener pastures and some have become permanent dwellers in Oke-Osun, as at that, the population of Iwo people dwelling in Oke-Osun today cannot be more than 10% of the entire population of Oke-Osun.

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The hospitality of the original inhabitants of Oke-Osun should therefore not give the Iwo people residing or involved in farming or other ventures in Oke-Osun the clearance to vie for political positions exclusively meant for only the natural inhabitants of Oke-Osun, Oluponna and Ayedire in general, because like the Yoruba will say, “kii jẹ ti baba t’ọmọ, ko ma ni aala”

To break it further down, Oke-Osun is a big municipality in Oluponna town, Ayedire, it’s made up of 5 major communities: Lanye Oke-Osun, Alaya Oke-Osun, Ileeran Oke-Osun, Gbandu Oke-Osun and Iwo Oke-Osun. All of these communities, except, of course for obvious reason, Iwo Oke-Osun, have their different traditional heads in either ‘Baalẹ’ or ‘Ọba’. It’s people in these 5 communities that made up the entire population of people dwelling in Oke-Osun in Oluponna and all, except Iwo Oke-Osun are made up of people that are naturally and historically from Oluponna and the first four communities mentioned contribute 90% of the entire population of Oke-Osun. It’s only the people of Iwo Oke-Osun that hails originally from Iwo and they are not more than 10% of the population of the entire Oke-Osun.

It’s however important to mention that the vast majority of the people in Iwo Oke-Osun, who are people that are originally from Iwo, use to support the Political stance of Oke-Osun and this is so because they are aware of their historical background and know that it will be unjust, unreasonable and undeserving to do anything political, or otherwise that’s not in the interest of their hosts.

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Therefore, an end should be put to the importation of people from Iwo, especially those from Oweeru’s compound in Iwo, to compete for political positions in Oke-Osun and by extension, Ayedire. Many political actors in Ayedire are actually the one encouraging and supporting this dastard and absurd act, to feather their political nest and for their own selfish interest.

Also, it’s important for our party, APC leadership in Ayedire, Iwo Federal Constituency and the leadership of the party at the state level to call some of the party actors in Ayedire LG to order, particular the Ayedire APC party Chairman, Mr. Rasheed Olubori. Mr. Olubori is one of those disturbing the peaceful atmosphere we have been enjoying in APC, Ayedire LG. As the party Chairman, he is naturally expected to be non-partisan and unbiased in his approach to all and sundry, but alas, he has been parading and marketing an aspirant, in person of one Hon. Isiaka Sulaimon Alabeti, as his preferred choice to vie for Ayedire South LCDA Chairmanship position in the forthcoming Local Government elections.

APC Iwo Local Government

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If that is not bad enough, Hon. Isiaka Sulaimon Alabeti that Mr. Rasheed Olubori is parading, although, is the present Councillor representing Ward 4B, Oke-Osun, he is originally not from Oluponna, his ancestral background is Iwo, he’s paternally from Abese’s compound in Iwo and maternally from Oweeru’s compound, Iwo and these are facts that can be verified from several other sources. How can such a man now lay claim to the Chairmanship position of Oke-Osun, Oluponna, Ayedire South LCDA simply because he’s close to some Political jobbers in Ayedire?

If that is equally not bad enough, then, the worst has certainly not been heard as both Mr. Rasheed Olubori, a whole LG party Chairman and Hon. Isiaka Sulaimon Alabeti have turned themselves to brigands, attacking both real and perceived political enemies in criminal style. Just recently, they attacked one of the party leaders from Iwo,who’s not in support of his ambition, in person of Alhaji. Fatai Abubakre. Mr. Fatai Abubakre was waylaid by Mr. Rasheed Olubori, Hon. Isiaka Sulaimon Alabeti and one other person, he was severely abused, threatened and nearly beaten.

Chairmanship Tussle In Ayedire Turns Physical, A Case That Needs Urgent Intervention

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Mr. Fatai do not hide the fact that he’s nit supporting Alabeti for certain reasons. The people do not want him and if he was forced on them, it is very risky for the second term bid of Governor Gboyega Oyetola as people threatened to leave the ruling party.

Surprisingly, it is this same Hon. Alabeti that turned around to disguise and act like he was the one that was beaten, sending around staged pictures of where he was hospitalised after being ‘attacked’, all in the bid to sway the unsuspecting members of the public, gain sympathy for his ambition and tell a false narrative. Any person of such character is certainly not worthy of being entrusted with public office.

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All of these are apart from the fact that the duo of Mr. Rasheed Olubori and Hon. Isiaka Sulaimon Alabeti have been involved in several anti-party activities in the past, once any decision taken in the party do not go in their favour, they look at ways of spoiling the party’s goodwill for their selfish gain. Notably among this anti-party activities was that of the 2018 Governorship Election, where Mr. Olubori worked against the interest of APC and Governor Gboyega Oyetola.

Conclusively, the party and indeed the people of Oluponna must rise to stop the incursion of the people of Iwo to Oke-Osun, Oluponna for political gain and the leadership of the party must wade in to warn and stop those who are hell bent on destroying the party in Ayedire LG for their selfish agenda.

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