A Call For Amortisation of Major Roads in Iwo | By Azeez Ridwan


Road infrastructures as one among other facets of infrastructural development incorporated in a grass rooted dividends of Democracy exonerates any seriousminded grassroot Government.

In Iwo, the dysentric state of major roads compared to other sister towns and local Government areas in Osun is alarming, unfriendly and nothing to write home about.

A Call For Amortanisation of Major Roads in Iwo | By Azeez Ridwan

Having inspected three major roads in Iwo; ranging from Idi-Oke – Bowen University road, Odeakaso – Olukotun road to Adegbo – Adeeke road; the stranded nature of road infrastructure in Iwo metropolis is self-explanating, as pot holes and death traps materialised on the afforestated major roads gives all insight to the absentminded nature of Government in undermining road infrastructure in Iwo.

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A Call For Amortanisation of Major Roads in Iwo | By Azeez Ridwan

Roads in Iwo

It is pertinent at this juncture, to commend efforts of some well-meaning son of the soil who cemented a suppose asphaltic Oja Ale-Idioke road for the festive period of Ileya last year, which makes the stranded road motorable for commuters to avoid any unprecedented road accident during the period of festivities.

Let everyone stood to confront our sons and daughters in politics that Infrastructures to the good people of Iwo is the only way, governance can be bought to the doorsteps of the people.

Roads in Iwo

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