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Iwo the land of cattle and meats, where the residents are eating bones and malnourished meat. Iwo has been know for this medieval relationship with cattle and trading of cattle meat but the old adage of Iwo eleran which means Iwo land of meat has digressed deeply cause we have lose it.

The surroundings of the abattoirs in Odo-ori give offensive odours and breed mosquitoes due to the pile up of solid waste. One type of wastes that is of great concern in both urban and rural areas in Nigeria is abattoir or slaughter house. Abattoir effluent (waste water) has a complex composition and can be very harmful to the environment. Structural and hygienically all the facilities for the slaughter houses in Iwoland has been in the state of acrimony and should be deliberated upon by stakeholders in Iwoland.

The health implications and social vices of land filling and pollution should be a great concern to us all. Abattoir based pollutants should be checked, Animal blood is known to possess high oxygen demand. The implication of this fact is that the Abattoir workers discharge animal blood into the stream close to the slaughter house which pose hazard to the people leaving within the area.

The Odo Ori slaughter slab (Iwo Slaughter House) is an eyesore, this is a place where meat food is produced for consumption within Iwo and it’s environment. Though there are many slaughter slab in Iwoland, but scores of cattle were killed daily for locals and inter state consumption.

Iwo Slaughter House

The premises now lacks government intervention despite the state and local governments both generates revenue from meat sellers. Moving through the massive complex, one might decided to stop the consumption of meats with all the facilities in state of acrimony.

The fearless parrot correspondent engaged some stakeholders at the premises on how the place came into existence. They confined in us, the arena have been in existence since the early sixties during the regional system of government, with Iwo being one of the forefront town in the old western region.

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The western region government built the abattoir with veterinary centre in the premises and was commissioned by Chief J. O. Osuntokun in the year 1965. The then government provided health officers for the veterinary centre to checked the healthiness of the cows before being slaughtered, they provided cleaners to make sure the environment is always well kept.

This is now a thing of the past, with the environment now abyss and not favourable for meat consumption. The veterinary center is not working optimally since government had failed to provide vaccines. The officials don’t longer test the cows before being killed which pose a great threat to the public when consumed.

The state of the compound is bad, we call on State of Osun government and that of Iwo local government as a matter of urgency to provide necessary infrastructural facilities for the slaughter house. They should help repair the dilapidated building, provide means of managing the cow waste, provide adequate water system. Governments generates revenue from here and they should be able to cater for their needs, there are no structures, poor animal examinations, no proper hygiene and lack of animal handlings.

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The local, state and federal legislators should please take necessary measures that will encourage Ante mortem inspection of all cattle, by the health officers and veterinary Doctors, Ante-mortem Inspection Unit of the Slaughterhouse (Veterinary) Section is not in it right state. Infected cattle are longer treated before been slaughtered. The structures and equipments at our local abattoir should be improved, laws should be enacted on how meat should be handled.

We use this medium to call on our distinguished senator to help fast track the completion of the office building initiated by him.

Iwoland can only rise if everyone and every sector concern work assiduously for the betterment of the town.

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