Birthday: Akanji Azeez Unveils Plans For Free School kits in Iwoland

Ambassadors of Iwoland: Akanji Azeez Educationist

The Founder of Ambassadors of Iwoland Unveils Plans of Free School kits for students in Iwoland. Akanji Azeez, the idea convener of the Ambassadors of Iwoland which is a charitable organization in Iwo, speaks on the next programme the organization to embark on.

Ambassadors of Iwoland as a charitable organization was birthed on the 1st of January, 2019. So far so good, the organization has achieved a feat with various successful projects. The NGO is found to perform humanity service to develop people and the city at large.

Ambassadors of Iwo landAmbassadors of Iwoland: Saminu Abass and Akanji Azeez Educationist

The first project to launch the charity identity was “Feed the Poor“. This was executed on 1st January 2019 by distributing foodstuff (Rice, Garri and Noodles) to the beggars met at Ode-Oba Oja areas of Iwo. The “Feed the Poor” was rounded off by visiting an orphanage home “Pro Labore Dei Children home Odori area Iwo”. Appreciable foodstuff was donated to the children and disabled veterans there too. This project was solely done by the 5 members of this organization.

In addition, the second executed project was the educational programme tagged “Free Jamb Form for Iwoland”. The NGO was able to sponsor at least 5 prospective jamb candidates from Iwoland. Moreover, the Ambassadors of Iwoland has helped some undergraduates from the community who had financial difficulties concerning their academic pursuit.

Also, the next programme was the Ramadan event tagged “Feed The Fasting: Ramadan Iftar Programme“. The plan for FEED THE FASTING was targeted to feed 3,000 Muslim brethren throughout AYIWOLA (AYEDIRE, IWO & OLA OLUWA).

Ambassadors of Iwo Land Rounded off Her Ramadan Program with Distribution of Food Items to Women to celebrate Eid-l-Fitri after feeding over 1,000 Muslim brethren during Ramadan on Monday 3rd, June 2019.

Ambassadors of Iwo Round off Ramadan Program With Distribution of FoodAmbassadors of Iwo Land Round off Ramadan Program With Distribution of Food

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While celebrating his birthday on 03/08/2019, Akanji Azeez said the mission to make life better for all especially the less privileged and vulnerable in the community still ongoing. He hinted that another educational programme will be unveiled soon.

He further explained that the Ambassadors of Iwoland is set to equip students in Iwo and its environs with school kits. Akanji Azeez said the school kits will be given to all irrespective of status, background or religion. He hinted that over 1,500 school materials which will include books, school bags, pens, pencils, sucks and other materials will be distributed.

Read Below the statement released by the Ambassadors of Iwoland below;

NGO in Iwo landNGO in Iwo Land

“The development of Iwo Land is an issue that worries every patriotic son of the soil. Therefore, calls for a collective concern and a concerted effort.”

“The chunk of the responsibility of developing the town has fallen on the shoulders of the elders in the past (and present), it is high time we charged the future of the town and leaders of tomorrow – the youths – to rise to the responsibility of moving Iwo forward.”

“In light of this, The Ambassadors of Iwoland, a charitable organization and non-profit making organization will soon unveil a plan for the educational and community development programme where educational materials such as books, pens and pencils, school bags and sucks will be given to over 1,000 students in Iwoland.”

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“The program which is themed: ‘Developing Iwoland: youth on Call’ is expected to charge the young minds to conceive great visions for the town.‘East and West, Home are the best, runs the saying. Let’s come together to deliberate the progress of our Alma Mata.”

The charitable organization, however, seeks the support of all Iwoland people to make this programme a reality. Every form of support will be appreciated; be it financial or moral.

Note: The date and other information regarding the 1,500 Free School Kits for Students in Iwoland will be communicated later.

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