Amusat Olajide Declares Intention to Contest Iwo East LCDA Chairmanship Seat

Amusat Olajide Yusuf popularly known as SEÇRÈ NENÊ has declared his intention to contest for the post chairman of Iwo East LCDA in the forthcoming local government election in Osun State.

Amusat Olajide Yusuf is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. As an undergraduate, Olajide Yusuf contested and won student union election to represent Great Ife to cater for their welfare. Olajide Yusuf is also a representative of Osun West at the Youth Parliament in Abuja.

His passion for community development sprung his desire to contest in local government area. Olajide Yusuf Secrê Nênê who is described as a community servant says he is ready to ensure effective administration at Iwo East Local Council Development Authority Ọlọmọwẹwẹ which has 7 wards, 62 polling units and also an estimate of over 3000 housing unit.

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Read the declaration statement of Amusat Olajide Yusuf Secrê Nênê below;

“Developing any community translates to developing a nation and developing a nation is a quota towards global growth. Community service is a volunteer duty dedicated to the particular growth of a place without expecting an equivalent return from the beneficiary. It is a spirit. It expresses a sense of commitment and obligation to the growth of oneself inclined to the growth of the community.”

“Many a time, it appears to be a herculean task or something impossible but the zeal for a better society and dedication to changing lives of people positively will keep a community servant going. By the reflection of my actions and inactions towards my community, I can say without mincing words that I’m a COMMUNITY SERVANT.”

Amusat Olajide Declares Intention to Contest Iwo East LCDA Chairmanship Seat

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“I have a sole vision which is to take my society to a height of incomparable value. My vision as a strong-willed community servant has been defined. However, its manifestation requires more than a willing spirit, it requires another INTEGRAL ingredient of manifestation; which is ASPIRATION.”

“In my consultative journey to aspire, I was able to consolidate that the most basic platform to materialize my vision is to contest for the Chairmanship of my council area.”

“In regards, kindly consider my declaration to contest for CHAIRMAN of Iwo East Local Council Development Authority, Olomowewe of Iwo for a progressive headway in the government system of the constituency under the flying flag of the All Progressive Congress.”

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Amusat Olajide Declares Intention to Contest Iwo East LCDA Chairmanship Seat

“Having served in the various humanitarian and political platforms; locally, state level and nationally, coupled with various platforms provided by the APC. It is exigent that the resourcefulness, experience and leadership acumen gathered is brought down to our immediate community towards achieving a better society.”

“This is an obeisance to the clarion call to serve our fatherland.
Iwo East Local Council Development Authority Ọlọmọwẹwẹ has 7 wards, 62 polling units and an estimate of over 3000 housing unit. My people’s complaint of not enjoying the dividend of democracy isn’t aimed at getting money and food, but having a real taste of a better society embedded in the true dividends of democracy.”

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“I’ve come up with an all-encompassing project which I termed MY INTEGRAL PLANS, to give to you nothing but all you desire. My INTEGRAL PLANS bothers on

Youth-centric projects, women empowerment and sport rejuvenation.
E- Education and ICT
S- SocioEconomic and WELFARISM initiatives.

For the manifestation of this aspiration is a call of duty to you, to give onto me, a massive and undying support towards this cause. I’m more than certain that the community will also stand with her servant.

Your Community Servant
Amusat Olajide Yusuf
Isalẹ-Ọba ward 4

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