Adewale Abiola is a grassrooted indigene of Feporori Village of Iwara town in the Ola-Oluwa South-East Local Council Development Area. He was born to the family of Mr Kareem Ismail Adewale, a promoter of true democracy. Abiola has severally stand up for the actualization of good governance and equity of democratic dividend.

Adewale Abiola believes that the people deserves the type of leader that knows about them, feel the same plight they feel and consider them first always. Therefore, he is capable to lead the role at the Ola-Oluwa South East LCDA for the progress of the people.

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In his declaration message, Adewale Abiola has this message to the people of his constituency.

Adewale Abiola Contest Chairman

“Dearest Constituents of Ola-Oluwa South-East LCDA, I hereby declare my intention to run for the Chairmanship of Ola-Oluwa South-East LCDA, Ilemowu under the flagship of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to contribute my quota to the growth of the land and improve the governance of the council Area.”

“My closeness to the community and observance of people’s affairs give me the adequate assurance that I can navigate the Agricultural sector of the LCDA and to make food security the utmost priority of the government so as to make it the food hub and food basket for the state and the nation at large.”

“My agenda to establish a modern system of governance extends to critical infrastructure and market standardization for wealth creation.”

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Adewale Abiola for Chairman Ola Oluwa

“My agenda is extends to laudable project about things that needs to be put in place for the greatness of our people.”

“Dear constituents, it’s my sole pledge to donate my selfless and endless service to the betterment of the LCDA if permitted to be the Chairman.

” I can defeat the globe as long as I have you behind. Let’s put our hands together and make good decision that the generations to come will be glad about.”

Adewale Abiola Ajani seeks the support of the people Ola- Oluwa South-East LCDA to ensure growth and development in the land.

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