Former FILSU VP, Ademola Adeleke, to Launch King Sport Initiatives as Sanjay Football Competition Reaches Final Stages

The Sanjay Football Committee after the last match announced that the final stages of the competition will commence on Monday, 27th of December with the quarter-final, the semis and the final to follow thereafter.

Sanjay Football Competition was organized with the aim of promoting sports activities and yielding a better community through active sportsmanship.

The committee which has organized a laudable football competition hosted in Iwo, Osun State for public participation has started about a month ago and held a series of matches.

Former FILSU VP, Ademola Adeleke, to Host Sanjay Football Competition in Iwoland

While speaking, the covener Adeleke Ademola Idris commended every participating team for their outstanding display of sportsmanship and excellence in the practice of the profession.

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The former Vice-President of Federation of Iwoland Students’ Union (FILSU) noted that: “What we hope to do is our best for sports that we call a passion. Also, we are using the opportunity to beckon for the attention of Nigerian and foreign investors into Nigeria football.” He added that all teams have obviously participated well.

Former FILSU VP, Ademola Adeleke, to Host Sanjay Football Competition in Iwoland

It was also disclosed that the planning team is already working on the official launching of KINGS SPORT INITIATIVES to create new football attention and cater to the sports needs of our developing community.

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Attached to this are the teams to lock horns in the quarter-finals of the ongoing competition, the semi-final and the FINAL where the winner and runner-ups shall be rewarded accordingly will follow suit.

This is the first of its kind football competition in IWOLAND and with the launching of KINGS SPORT INITIATIVES. This particular competition shall become an annual event for all sports lovers in IWOLAND and its environs.

Adeleke Ademola to Launch King Sport Initiative as Sanjay Football Competition Reaches Final Stages

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