28 Grand Landmark Achievements of Idress Mubarak O. (Al-Mogaji) as FILSU NHQ President

Over the period in sundry times, diverse Comrades have taken the baton of leadership in the Federation of Iwoland Students’ Union National Headquarters each denoting their respective quotas, however, none has so far reached the achievement of Comr. Idrees Mubarak Olamilekan (AL-MOGAJI).

This article is set to itemize the achievements accordingly within one administrative year of 12 calendar months.

While speaking with him, Al-Mogaji as being publicly called said “serving as the President, Federation of Iwoland Students’ Union (Nhq) is not what he sees forthcoming, especially at this period. However when the need arises, we couldn’t say no as we can’t avoid being on track to engage our Union on a quantum leap.”

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He said: “These achievements are not something I could personalize, as it’s well spoken of between our acquaintance that we run a very collective ‘Studentocracy Administrative‘ which also involved many hands of which these space won’t be enough to itemize them.”

“However, I’ll surely acknowledge every contributor very soon during the transition ceremony for the current administration which will be made public soon,” he revealed.

Listed below are, therefore, 28 top lauded landmark achievements (among many others that were not put to paper) of Comr Idrees Mubarak Olamilekan AL-MOGAJI as the President, Federation of Iwoland Students’ Union Nhq;

28 Grand Landmark Achievements of Idress Mubarak O. (Al-Mogaji) as FILSU NHQ President

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1. Distribution of N100,000 Money Grant to 11 Indigene Students (First Bursary Award and First Achievement of the Administration).

2. Facilitation of Free Jamb Scholarship for 50 Secondary School Students.

3. Visitations to All Tertiary Institutions in Southern Part with recognized FILSU Chapter through Operation Meet Our People.

4. Distribution of Monthly Food to FILSUites (Through Food Support Schemes sponsored by Gov. Oyetola).

5. Distribution of N10,000 Bursary to 100 Indigene students across every Tertiary Institution in Nigeria without any Regional Exclusion (2nd Bursary Award during the Administrative Year).

6. Inter-Chapter Online Quiz Competition.

7. Ramadan Online Lecture Session

8. Online Symposiums

9. Constant and Up-to-date Press Releases and Media Engagement including Live Coverage.

10. Production of Magazine (The Parrot Vol. 02)
(6,7,8,9 & 20 were through the Office of the Public Relation Officer, Comr. Emmanuel Ayodeji Oyewole PARACETAMOL).

28 Grand Landmark Achievements of Idress Mubarak O. (Al-Mogaji) as FILSU NHQ President

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11. Inter-Secondary Schools Football Competition which entails;

  • Presentation of Jersey to 1st and 2nd position.
  • Presentation Medals and Certificate.
  • Presentation of Prize Award.

12. Novelty Match between the Alumni Body and Union Members.

13. Novelty Match Between FILSU and Arabic Students Association in Iwoland

14. Buying and Branding of Jersey for the Union.
(10,11,12&13 were coordinated through the Office of Sports Director, Comr. Bello Hammed A. BEEN CASH).

15. FILSU Ileya Hangouts featuring Nigerian Popular Artist Oba Flow (This was organized through the Office of Social Director, Comr. Keefa Abeeb SALESMART).

16. Excursions to Erin Ijesa Waterfall comprises 90+ Students. (This was done through the Office of Welfare Director, Comr. Abeeb Adelani CONFIDENCE).

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17. Free Summer Lessons for over 600 Secondary Students in Iwo. (Through the Free Summer Lesson Program;)

  • Free Books (Souvenirs) and Pen were distributed to all the Participating Students.
  • Free GCE for 4 Outstanding Students from Summer Lesson.
  • Free Jamb Form for 5 top Students across the three department.
  • One Term Tuition Fee Scholarship for Best JSS Student.
  • Distribution of Incentive to Best Students both per class and per subject (50k for overall best student, 20k for Best Students per department, and 2k to all 40 students top best students).
  • Prize awards to all the Best Students in each subject.
  • Free Excursion Trip for 80 Secondary Schools Students and 16 Tutors to the University of Ibadan Zoological Garden.

18. Distribution of 20,000 Bursary to 40 Students (Third Bursary Distribution in an administrative year)

19. Secondary School Sensitization Tour (a Visitation to all Secondary Schools in Iwo both Public and Private Schools tagged “Campaign Against Social Vices” featuring distribution of Souvenirs).

20. Inter-Secondary School Debate Competition (50k, 30k, and 20k for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Positions respectively, and 5k was given to 4th and 5th Positions.)

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21. Provision of Pen Stand for 40 Secondary Schools in Iwo.

22. Visitation to Orphanage Home.

23. Celebration of 70 Years Indelible Impact of our Union Existence.
(19, 20, 21, 22 & 23 were Coordinated by Comr. Babalola Ademola Stephen (iamHERITAGE), FILSU@70 Chairman)

24. Medical Outreach and Free Tests for over 120 Iwoland Indigene. It includes;

  • Free Malaria Parasite Test
  • Free Hepatitis B Test
  • Free HIV Test
  • Free Blood Sugar Level Test
  • Free Body Mass Index
  • Free Drugs to all Participants

(This was coordinated by The AGS, Comr. Fuhad Ajibola (Dr. Schwan))

25. Engagement of more Chapters (rated the highest percentage of engagement in recent times)

26. Resuscitation of New Chapters (Uniabuja, Oscohealth Ilesha, HealthTech Offa, etc)

27. Mounting of New Iron Doors at Union National Secretariat.

28. Electrification of FILSU Shop.

28 Grand Landmark Achievements of Idress Mubarak O. (Al-Mogaji) as FILSU NHQ President

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These and many more were also the achievements of Comr. Idrees Mubarak Olamilekan AL-MOGAJI led Administration, as disclosed in this article, the Sponsors of this administration will be made public in due time after the Transitioning/Inaugural Ceremony of this current Regime, the unveiling of Sponsors is to recognize their impact and appreciate their contributions towards the success of these highlighted landmark achievement.

Comr. Idrees Mubarak Olamilekan AL-MOGAJI while commenting as a reference to these achievements on Sunday, Jan 22nd at Adeyemi College of Education (ACOED), Ondo State where he was honored in respect to his tremendous contributions and outstanding performance as the Union President, he said: “This marked the 7th Award I will be honored with about my participation in Community Service as the Union President, I am indeed excited, appreciate the helping hands I received and as well hoped to do more”.

Written and Documented By;
Comr. Babalola Ademola Stephen (iamHERITAGE)
(Chairman, FILSU@70 / CPS to FILSU ’22 Global President)

28 Grand Landmark Achievements of Idress Mubarak O. (Al-Mogaji) as FILSU NHQ President

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