12 out of 48: They Can’t Dethrone Oluwo – High Chief Gbola Fasasi

12 out of 48: They Can't Dethrone Oluwo - High Chief Gbola Fasasi

The Asipa of Iwoland, High Chief Gbola Fasasi Oyeniyi, said it is impossible for 14 out 42 kingmakers to dethrone Oluwo. The High Chief during a massive and solidarity movement of Iwo people to Oluwo palace on Friday said the majority is with Oba Adewale.

The tension in Iwoland got another dimension as September 25th, 2020 is a day will remain historical and memorable as indigenes of Iwoland troop out to show love and support for Oba Adewale Akanbi Ilufemiloye. Baba Gbola Best as popularly known said the traitors are just 12 out of 48 we have in Iwoland, therefore, the majority is with Oluwo.

The solidarity visit had massive turnout of number of people, chiefs, religious leaders, ruling houses in Iwo, Imams, CAN, artisans, Iyaloja and other stakeholders. Among the chiefs present were; Olodifi, Aipate Oluwo, Masalu, Akogun, Asipa, Agoro and others.

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High Chief Gbola Fasasi said the development and progress Iwo has witnessed under Oba Adewale Akanbi has never been witnessed during the time of any Oluwo before.

12 out of 48: They Can't Dethrone Oluwo - High Chief Gbola Fasasi

High Chief Gbola Fasasi said “We need to thank all people of Iwo who love Iwo wholeheartedly. Oluwo has 48 Chiefs and only 12 among them want to dethrone Iwo, it is not possible. We have Olodifi, Asipa, Agoro, Masalu, Akogun, Molafe and many others are all here and in support of Oluwo. Our people didn’t tell us to against Oluwo. This is the same Oluwo that sworn all chiefs and we promised not to betray our land.”

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“We must thank you all for your support and love. All the indigenes are in support of Oluwo, Chief Imam and league of Imams are here, Christians Association of Nigeria leaders are here, traditional worshippers’ leaders are here.”

“Therefore, whoever is plotting evils against the stool of Oluwo shall perish. Whoever says Oba Akanbi would not succeed shall fail, the forefathers of this land shall punish them.” He concluded.

Prince Lekan Lamuye

Prince Lekan Lamuye also reitrated that it is impossible for just 12 out of 48 kingmakers to dethrone Oluwo. Prince Lekan further said on behalf of the 4 ruling houses in Iwo; Adagunodo, Alausa, Ogunmakinde Ande and Gbaase who is ruling that we are behind Oluwo.

Prince Lekan Lamuye said Oba Akanbi has brought more development to the land and God will continue to dissapoint all evils perpatrators.

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